Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I scored at the flea off market

There is a lovely little open air flea market in Louisville called the flea off market. Named so because it 
is off of Market street. There are venders like any other flea market and there are food trucks and music. 
It's a lot of fun. This past saturday my husband and I went and this is what we scored. A copco fryer, 
which is rare and vintage and hard to find online (I looked it up when we got it home). I love the way 
the basket rests on the handles. It's a great design. We have tried it out and it works great. It's easier to 
clean and to strain the oil/grease than our old electric fryer. Also it can be used as a dutch oven or large 
stock pot. The bottle is a wine decanter we think, but we used it to make a yummy blackberry 
wine/balsamic vinegar dressing. Yay for flea markets and great kitchen tools.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Menu planner

I found this great notebook awhile back that is perfect for planning weekly menus. It has all twelve months listed on the top of each page as well as the numbers 1-31. The front and back covers are also pockets. I am going to keep this handy little seasonal food chart in it to have an at a glance guide for what will be coming up at the market. It's super cute and is made from banana leaves. Eco friendly and kind of funny for a foodie. I'm working on a recipe binder too. Are there any chapters/sections that you think I should include?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Best valentine dinner ever

We don't go out a lot, but try to go to places with really good food when we do. We went to the Mayan cafe in Louisville. They are seasonal, local, and authentic Mayan. We had Stone Cross Farm baby back ribs in strawberry barbecue sauce with a jicama slaw, beef tenderloin and lobster tail with red wine reduction and roasted brussel sprouts and baby carrots, and for desert a flour-less chocolate cake that did have pomegranate seeds and apricots before we dug into it. One of the finest meals ever and our fourteenth valentine together. I still remember the king crab legs my husband made on our first one and it's kind of poetic to have a similar and fantastic meal our fourteenth.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Howdy Folks

I have not been blogging for myself in a long time. This is an attempt to correct that. I have in the past had a website/blog titled a self made life. I am going to be blogging here under that name. However I am not doing articles and I am not looking to be fancy site. I am going to blog about things I do, make, find, or whatever may happen in a given day. I am hoping to show you a slice of my self made life.